Medical liability law includes primarily the Responsibility of a doctor to his patient, The doctor commits to the treatment culpable a mistake, he is liable to the patient.

The doctor has previously (basically) with the patient one treatment contract completed, from which the doctor owes the due care of the treatment. Of course, the doctor must not his patient without his consent to treat. If the consent is missing, the doctor commits one punishable bodily injury and is liable under civil law for tortious acts. The doctor is responsible for the patient incurred damage.

These are general features. However, these are by no means sufficient for the efficient handling of a medical liability case. Rather, in addition to the associated, special court decisions and the regularly wrong diagnosis with subsequent wrong treatment the processes resulting from the difficulty of the matter, the distribution of the burden of proof and the concrete medical data, the Claim of the patient be formed.

The medical "standard", as outlined by medical reports, also plays a key role. Irrespective of this, however, an incorrect diagnosis can not lead to the correct treatment.

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