We advise and represent both patients and doctors, hospitals or the associated insurance. Of course, we avoid conflicts of interest, but we are fully informed on all sides. This is an advantage for you and for us, as it enables us to solve your case through our experienced and goal-oriented way of working.

Our service includes the following items:

  • We are fast, effective, and in any case, with the necessary perseverance, rigor, and experience to stay on top of your case, to effectively enforce your claims.
  • We calculate your claims based on the medical procedures and ensure transparency by viewing your patient file.
  • We operate nationwide, you can reach us by phone, by fax, by email or by means of point-to-point transfers.
  • Your goal is our goal: We want you to be compensated quickly and comprehensively.

In the following cases we are available to advise and represent you:

  • Medical Liability / Damage Law: In the case of treatment errors, lack of education, treatment errors, incorrect medications, etc.
  • Proofing and preservation of evidence: In connection with the preservation of evidence or the discovery of the medical liability (medical history, inspection of the patient's file).
  • Criminal law (criminal responsibility of the physician or medical staff in connection with the medical liability).
  • Honorary Law: In the defense against fee claims of the physician or the non-medical practitioner as well as other facilities in the health service (hospitals, special clinics, physiotherapists, alternative forms of medicine, etc.).
  • Insurance Law: Health insurance (private / statutory / supplementary insurance) / pension insurance.

Do not waste valuable time and get informed by our experts.

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